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About IT Services 

'Centre for Social Science Computing' is the service provider of the Faculty's main IT activities and runs the Faculty's Local Area Network.

Information Technology plays a key role in the Faculty´s research and teaching. Centre for Social Science Computing initiates, assists in and supports the development of subject integrated and applied computer science. Therefore, Centre for Social Science Computing takes an interest in the ongoing development in the use of IT in teaching at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Centre for Social Science Computing is the central network service provider for the local network of Campus Service City, i.e. the departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Theology as well as the Faculty Secretariat at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Upon request, IT Services will make software available on central file servers. IT Services operates a variety of specialized servers.

Centre for Social Science Computing provides IT support to staff at the Faculty of Social Sciences including IT consulting services with regard to a wide range of programming languages, operating systems and application packages. Furthermore, Centre for Social Science Computing offers guidance, advice and practical assistance to the Faculty's departments in connection with the procurement of IT equipment as well as in connection with the procurement and implementation of software application packages.