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Staff at Centre for Social Science Computing

Former IBT - Centre for Applied Computer Science

Name Title Phone E-mail 
Aage T. Andersen Manager of IT Services +45 35323245
Svend Bang Systems Consultant +45 35323237
Ole Bested Systems Consultant  +45 35329006
Arne Facius Systems Consultant +45 35323242
Ralph Ferré Koch Systems Consultant  +45 35323241
Simon Wøhlk Olsen Systems Consultant +45 35323244

ANT/SOC (Department of Anthropology and Department of Sociology)

Name Title Phone  E-mail 
Steen Kelså IT Officer  +45 35323422 
Hans Jakob Kirk IT Officer  +45 35323282
Martin Kjeldgaard Nicolajsen IT Officer +45 35323282

Department of Psychology

Name Title Phone E-mail
Otto Kirk Systems Consultant +45 35324855 
Morten Paludan-Andersen IT Officer +45 35324857  

Department of Political Science

Name Title Phone E-mail 
Volkan Citirikkaya IT student  +45 35323360  
Lene Petersen IT Officer +45 35323356
Pia Widell IT Officer +45 35323362

Department of Economics

Name Title Phone  E-mail 
Martin Mysona Systems Consultant +45 35323066
Antoni Mysona Systems Consultant +45 35323066